Measuring System Commissioning

On-Site Set Up & Acceptance

Qualified BMT‘s engineers ensure the full on-site commissioning of your measuring system. And this includes:

  • Installation of the system in line with the floor plan
  • Commissioning in line with standard BMT procedures
  • Documentation in the commissioning / service report
  • Testing
  • Acceptance
  • Note: Software training is available on the client request.

Acceptance & Warranty

BMT‘s standard 12-month warranty starts from the date of the final acceptance. Note that the guarantee can be extended on the client request. However BMT is not liable for damages resulting from the misuse of the measuring system.

Measuring System Pre-acceptance

Pre-acceptance usually takes place at BMT‘s premises prior to the shipment of the measuring system. It is also possible to schedule custom acceptance routines, if required.

Note: BMT‘s engineers carry out measurement tests on sample of parts / workpieces provided by clients.

Measurement System Commissioning