Maintenance & Repair

Measuring System Maintenance & Repair

As a matter of fact, prompt measuring system repair as well as regular maintenance are necessary to ensure optimal operation of your device.


Our standard maintenance procedure includes:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Inspection of mechanical and electronic functions
  • Software system updates
  • Repair service
  • Part replacement
  • Accessories


You get full peace of mind when BMT repair your device.

First of all, BMT‘s technicians repair your device in-house (or on-site in specific cases only) . You benefit from the expertise of the original manufacturer. Secondly, your repaired device is up to the specifications of a new device. Additionally, you benefit from a 12-month guarantee on the replaced parts. Finally, on request,  BMT perform in-house calibration of the repaired device as an extra service after repair.

Surface Measuring System Repair & Maintenance