MiniProfiler MP15

MiniProfiler MP15 / Tactile Probe


The MiniProfiler MP15 is a portable roughness measuring system. Not only is it light and compact but it also offers the following features :

  • Acquisition of standardized roughness and waviness parameters
  • Adaptable to various workpiece shapes and measurement tasks
  • Vibration resistant
  • Stylus protection with quick-change stylus

To  date this is the smallest of BMT‘s profilers.


For Quality Assurance in Laboratories and on the Production Lines.
* Technical surfaces * Shafts * Grooves on shafts & pistons * Camshafts * Vent sealing lips * Cylinder bores * Metalsheet


 * Availabe with or without nose * Measurement distance: 15 mm * Roughness and waviness: 100 µm – 2 mm

MiniProfiler MP15