Equipment Rental

Measuring Equipment Rental

Need to solve an urgent measurement task, but you don’t have the right device at hand? BMT offers measuring system rental services. First, you need to share your requirements with us. Then, we organize and transfer a measuring system to your premises. Ideally, try and plan in advance. This will help ensure you get the most appropriate equipment.

Measuring Systems for Hire

Here are our standard rental measuring systems.

Measuring System Rental Period

To start with, you can rent our measuring system for a minimum period of 3 months. Then, you can extend the rental for another month or more. Finally, if you later decide to acquire the device, the rental price is credited to 80% on the purchase.

The rental agreement ends automatically upon return of the device at the beginning of the month.


Here are some key benefits to consider when hiring a measuring system:

  • Flexible rental periods
  • Comprehensive support
  • Rental fee partially deducted from purchase price

Measuring System Rental / Hire